Pediatric practice in Gastonia NC talk about scarlet fever

Pediatric practice professionals in Gastonia, NC, explain scarlet fever is a red rash covering most of the body. A painful throat and a high fever are usually symptoms of scarlet fever. Modern antibiotics have made it less dangerous. Scarlet fever may lead to more severe diseases affecting the heart, kidneys, and other body sections.

What are the symptoms of scarlet fever?

The symptoms of scarlet fever include a red rash that looks and feels like sandpaper. Often, it seems like a sunburn that starts on the face or neck and spreads to the torso and arms, and legs are the normal course of action for this condition. The reddish skin will become pale if pressure is applied to it. Facial flushing may be seen, with a ring of white around the lips. Early on in the condition, the tongue is usually red and rough, and it may be coated in white. Other symptoms include vomiting or diarrhea.

When do I visit a doctor?

You can visit your Gastonia Pediatrics Associates doctor if your child has a fever of 102 F or higher, swollen or tender glands in the neck, and a red rash.

What causes scarlet fever?

There is a connection between scarlet fever and strep throat. The bacteria that cause scarlet fever create a toxin that causes the rash and crimson tongue. Droplets emitted by an infected person’s cough or sneeze are the primary means the illness spreads from one person to the next. Two to four days is the typical incubation period.

Who is at risk of scarlet fever?

When it comes to scarlet fever, kids between the ages of 5 and 15 have a higher risk than the general population. A person’s risk of contracting scarlet fever increases closer to a carrier of the disease, such as in a family or a group of classmates.

Complications that may arise from scarlet fever

Untreated scarlet fever can spread to the lungs, kidneys, etc.; your child may also suffer blood in the ear canal and have complications with their heart, nerves, skin, etc.

How can I prevent scarlet fever?

Scarlet fever cannot be prevented by vaccination. The best way to avoid scarlet fever is by washing your hands and using antibacterial soap. Drinking glasses and eating utensils fall under this regulation.

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