Pediatric practice helps keep your child safe around the house

Pediatric practice in Gastonia NC understands the dangers that are common in most homes. Various home activities institute the risk of burns, scalds, and even slips and falls.

The kitchen is one home area that is at high risk for children. Starting with the utensils, you will likely find sharp objects that can cut or pierce, and the risk is higher in little kids. Of course, you need to monitor the kids to keep them safe, but you can also reduce the risk through some preventative practices. Here are some tips to keep your child safe within the kitchen.

Have a proper highchair

High seats are one way you can safely get your child to stick around in the kitchen without falling off. The certified high chairs have restraints that you can use to fasten your child during meal times. Children also experience proper comfort and the correct posture when on this seat and cannot also climb on the counters or cabinets.

Protect them from burns and scalds

Installing anti-scald devices can help prevent burns and scalds on your child. Appliances like hot water faucets, ovens, stovetops, and grills can burn your child if they place their hands on them. Therefore, it is essential to find proper child lock controls for such devices. You can also have covers on them to make sure the devices are not left unattended.

Mealtime safety

There is always the risk of choking or injury using feeding tools. Protecting your child against such practices can help avoid emergency cases. It is necessary that you observe mealtime safety practices, including;

  • Cut foods into small pieces to prevent chocking
  • Supervise snack and meal times
  • Let children eat at a table or high table
  • Control their pace around the kitchen. Running can increase the risk of slips and falls.

Avoid tip-overs in the kitchen

Most kitchen tiles get wet all the time, making them slippery. Slippery floors can cause tip-overs, which can injure anyone in the kitchen. You can have anti-slip mats in the kitchen to offer better grip.

You should also install anti-tip floor brackets for your appliances to prevent them from falling over. Their handles could also be strapped to make sure that they do not topple or move when children try holding onto them.

Have latches on low cabinets

The lower cabinets are often used to store cleaning products, making them a threat to child safety. You should install latches to make it hard for children to open cabinets and ingesting on the chemicals.

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