Pediatric practice tips help avoid infections in the belly button

Pediatric practice expert in Gastonia NC understands that the first week of being with a newborn can be tricky. They are so tiny and delicate, so you have to handle them with extreme caution.

One of the places that you have to take care of is the umbilical cord. It serves as the connection point between the mother and their baby before birth. After birth, the connection is severed, after which the healing process has to start. The umbilical cord will dry and fall off in 1 to 3 weeks after birth, but before then you need to take extreme caution to avoid infection.

Caring for the umbilical cord involves various things including how to wash, handle and check it. Here are some key things that you must do when caring for your baby’s umbilical cord.

Expose it to the air

Most parents think that it is safer to prevent navel infections when the umbilical cord is covered in clothing. This is not the case since the belly button dries out more quickly when it is exposed to the air. If your newborn diaper does not already include cut-outs for this reason, you can simply fold the top of the diaper down. This prevents the cord from tangling with the diaper and becoming irritated or torn off.

Keep the navel clean

Before handling the cord or changing the diaper, wash your hands. Hands often have so many bacteria on them that they can cause infections. Washing your hands using soap and water can help deal with most of the bacteria.

After cleaning your hands, use warm water to clean the navel area. Avoid the use of perfumed soaps since they often have irritants that can cause irritation. You should instead use water alone or mild soaps with natural oils. There is no need to administer any more treatment, but keep an eye out for any infections.

Keep it dry

The advice given to most parents is to sponge bathe until the chord comes off. This is partially due to the fact that damp skin can impede healing and foster an environment favorable to the growth of bacteria.

A dry navel will heal easily since bacteria cannot survive there. If it gets wet, this is not a cause of concern; use a clean and dry mitt or sponge to clear the wetness.

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The navel is a sensitive area for any newborn, so you need to keep it clean, dry, and exposed to air to prevent infections and promote healing. If you notice unusual signs in the area, contact the best pediatric practice expert in Gastonia.  Gastonia Pediatric Associates, your Gastonia area pediatricians, offer top-quality pediatric care.