Pediatric practice has insisted that to keep a new infant happy and healthy, parents must practice good hygiene. Gastonia Pediatric Associates have suggested some basic excellent hygiene measures to adopt when you have a baby. Before you begin, make it a practice to wash your hands frequently and use only products created specifically for your baby’s sensitive skin.

The baby umbilical cord

After your baby is born, you must care for his or her umbilical cord until it breaks off on its own in one to ten days. Every day, disinfect it with a sterile gauze pad saturated with an antiseptic to prevent infection. Then, using a clean pad, gently dry it.

A newborn baby overall hygiene advice

Pediatric practice advises that a cotton ball or a gauze pad should be dabbed with saline solution and used to gently wipe the baby’s eyelids and corners. Wash the other eye with another cotton ball. Roll a piece of cotton between your fingers to make a little tube, and only wipe the outside part of the ear to avoid the creation of wax plugs. Cotton buds can irritate and even damage a baby’s ears, so avoid them.

Pediatric practice advises that to clean the baby’s ears, a little cotton tube should be wet with saline solution and gently placed in one nostril, just as you did with the ears. Wash the other nose with a cotton ball. The baby’s face should be washed as needed during the day, and don’t forget to wash behind the ears, where dirt collects. Brush your baby’s hair using a gentle brush made just for babies.

The pediatric practice advises that your baby’s nails should be cut for the first time after waiting at least a month. They’re still too frail and brittle till then. After a month, cut them short with a pair of scissors with rounded tips daily. To keep the infant peaceful during the process, choose a moment when he is calm, hold his hand or foot firmly, and talk to him gently.

Pediatric practice insists that when changing your baby’s nappy, make sure to clean his bottom thoroughly, especially in the skin creases where dampness might irritate.  Special baby wipes, a no-rinse cleanser, or a cleansing lotion can all be used. Before putting on his nappy, gently dry your baby’s skin. To avoid diaper skin pain, apply a nappy barrier cream at each change.

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