Pediatric practice infant medicine cabinet for newborn baby’s cold in Gastonia, NC

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Winter babies are more prone to sickness. After all, there are germs everywhere! And for newborns, any type of sickness in their first two months can be frightening, even if it is just the common cold. As parents, before your baby arrives, there are few things you need to prepare, and having an infant medication cabinet is a part of it.  What should your baby’s medication cabinet contain?

Pediatric practice and medicine

Your pediatrician will tell you that as new parents, the number one step is to have prepared a cabinet for infant medicine. Funny enough, this cabinet does not contain any medicine. All that is required in that cabinet are a nasal bulb syringe, infant nasal drops, and a vaporizer, and a few other things you might need to help them.

These items will help you care for your newborn baby’s cold. Always keep in mind that when using nasal drops on your baby, it is vital to keep their airways open. If you follow the instructions given by your pediatrician or on the label, you can easily use them. Now, nasal bulb syringes are the best invention since when it comes to a cold, and a doctor who issued one is the only way to go! Clearing mucus from your baby’s nose may help him/her to breathe more comfortably.

Run a vaporizer and ensure their room is not too warm. If they have a fever, especially in the first few weeks, the baby needs to be taken to the ER or pediatrician’s office to ascertain the source and make sure it isn’t a bacterial infection of any kind. Often, this is a routine course of action when a newborn has a fever. Once your baby is confirmed with a virus or cold, dress them loosely in a onesie, and use light covers to keep them warm.

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