Our Vaccine Policy

As of June 13, 2023

Gastonia Pediatrics Associates does not currently accept new patients from families (that were not already established) that do not vaccinate their children.

In the case of families already established with the practice, no alteration in your relationship with our practice will occur.

In either case, we respect your right to choose the course of healthcare for your child.

However, a consistently increasing percentage of unvaccinated children in a single location can potentially become a contribution to public health risk and increases the risks to children and infants who are exposed within the same location, yet too young to be vaccinated.

The occurrence of outbreaks involving preventable diseases contributes to ongoing public health issues that can affect our most vulnerable populations.

Unvaccinated children are in more danger as the number of unvaccinated families increases, with the newborn and infant population being the most vulnerable.

We firmly believe in the effectiveness of vaccines to prevent serious illness and to save lives. We firmly believe in the safety of well-established vaccines. We firmly believe that all children and young adults should receive all of the recommended vaccines according to the schedule published by the Centers for Disease Control and the American Academy of Pediatrics.

The recommended vaccines and the schedule on which they are given are the results of several decades of scientific study by thousands of our brightest scientists and physicians.

We firmly believe, based on all available literature, evidence, and historical and current studies that vaccines do not cause autism or other developmental disabilities.

We firmly believe that vaccinating children and young adults may be the single most important health-promoting intervention we can perform as health care providers and public health advocates, and that you can perform as parents/caregivers.

We want to emphasize the importance of vaccinating your child. We recognize that the choice may be a very emotional one, and, for some parents, even controversial.

In some cases, the recommended timeframe for a vaccine is a range of time, and allows for flexibility that still preserves the effectiveness of the vaccines series. For families that desire a custom schedule that still preserves the effectiveness of the vaccine series, this is certainly an option.

 However, delaying or staggering the frequency of vaccines in a manner that has not been proven effective or exceeds the recommended spacing can affect the effectiveness of the series goes against expert recommendations, can put your child at risk for serious illness (or even death) and goes against our guidance and medical advice as providers.

In the case of families who were not already established with the practice prior to June 13, 2023:

If a family that desires a custom vaccine plan, yet fails to create an effective vaccine plan with the provider (that will achieve completion of the recommended primary vaccine series by age 2 years) by the time the patient is 2 months of age,

OR fails to initiate a recommended/custom vaccine plan by the time the patient is 4 months of age that will complete the primary vaccine series by the age of 2 years

We will ask you to find another healthcare practice and provider who share your views and will be a better fit for your family.

We respect your right to decide the course of healthcare for your child. The continuity of medical care from birth throughout childhood is very important.

 Initiating continuous uninterrupted medical care at a practice that shares your views will prevent any unnecessary consequential gaps in medical care created by a transition to a new medical home several months later.

Please recognize that by not vaccinating you are putting your child at unnecessary risk for life-threatening illness and disability, and even death.

We have dedicated our practice to serving families for over 67 years, and as medical providers we would not recommend any preventative action that we believe to be in any way harmful to our patients.

As medical professionals, we feel very strongly that vaccinating children on schedule with currently available recommended vaccines is absolutely the right thing to do for children and young adults.

Thank you for your time in reviewing this information.

– Gastonia Pediatric Associates