Kid’s doctors are usually the first people to be interested in the child’s poop. Most times, parents are shocked by the pediatrician asking about the child’s poop. Unknowingly to them, it holds a lot of secrets to what may be wrong with the child. Many studies have shown that what occurs in the gut and stomach and eventually comes out as poop can tell what goes on in the child’s brain and body. For instance, the stool and waste can be an external display of the child’s body. It ranges from how the child’s body interacts with what they eat or if the microbes in their guts are in balance.

What to observe in your baby’s poop?

Kid’s doctors have said that If the child’s gut and digestion are healthy, certain habits should be observed. The child usually poops every day (at least once). Toilet times should be within five to ten minutes. The poop should come out without pain or strain. The poop should be brown. It should also be shaped like a banana or tube. The poop should be easy to clean. If the toilet is being used, the poop should flush easily; it should neither clog nor stick to the basin. The smell from the poop should not linger for long periods after the toilet must have been flushed. There should be minimal gas, stomachaches, and burps.

Pediatricians’ advise

Kid’s doctors have said that digestion begins with careful chewing. The child should be allowed to eat in an unrushed way. If the child does not have sufficient stomach acid for the food to be adequately broken down, there can be undigested food in the child’s stool. When this happens, kid’s doctors advise that parents should try to set enough time so that digestion can be encouraged.

Kid’s doctors advise parents to watch out for their child’s poop. The poop may come out as painful, stiff, or infrequent. If the poop also comes out as poop, or the child feels empty after the bowels have been moved, the child is constipated. Constipation can also be a result of severe stress and the movement of the digestive tract when it is closed by the “fight-or-flight response.”

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