Kids doctors advice on what can cause diarrhea in kids?

Kids doctors also called pediatricians are children specialists, they understand children’s health better and know how to relate with them adequately.

Usually, when children get diarrhea, it’s considered “acute,” meaning it lasts from a few days up to a week. This is commonly caused by infection, whether viral, bacterial, or parasitic. And beyond stomach bugs, diarrhea in children can also be triggered by other issues, including:

  • Food allergies
  • Lactose intolerance
  • Eating or drinking too much sugar or artificial sweetener
  • Certain antibiotic medications

Do kids’ doctors advise on how to stop children’s diarrhea?

Often, pedestrians say that medicine is not necessary to treat diarrhea in kids. In most cases, acute diarrhea will stop when the body clears out the infection.

Now, if your child’s diarrhea lasts more than a few days, you will need to check with your pediatrician to determine the cause and best treatment. For kids with chronic diarrhea, your doctor might suggest a change of diet, medication, or other treatment.

Information about diarrhea medicine for kids

Kids doctors say that generally, antibiotics are not used to treat infectious diarrhea in children. And it is important to always check with your doctor before giving your child over-the-counter diarrhea drugs such as Imodium and Pepto-Bismol.

Kids doctors also caution parents not to give any type of medication to children under age 3 without a prescription.

What are home remedies for diarrhea in kids?

There is no one specific food, drink, or home remedy that will stop your child’s diarrhea, what your child needs is supportive care. To provide relief from diarrhea, focus on:

  • Keeping your kid hydrated
  • Giving a variety of nutritious foods
  • Identifying triggers or problem foods
  • Avoid juice and other sugary beverages.

To keep your baby with diarrhea hydrated, offer plenty of fluids, such as:

  • Water
  • Soup or broth
  • Pediatric electrolyte solutions in liquid or freezer pop form
  • Sports drinks with low-sugar varieties

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