Kid’s doctors are very much involved with human dentition, as our teething process could begin as early as age 3 months and grow well into adulthood! Pediatricians define teething as the

normal process in which your baby’s first set of teeth break through the gums. Although there isn’t one specific age at which a child’s teeth begin to grow, there are generally five phases of teething recognized by kid’s doctors.

2nd phase of teething

Kids’ doctors understand that the second phase of teething generally begins at the age of 6-8 months. In this phase, the first set of teeth to shoot out of the gums are the upper and lower front teeth. Before erupting, the jagged edges of the teeth begin to push against the gums of the child, causing the baby to exhibit a behavior called “mouthing”. This means that they will begin to chew and bite on anything to apply pressure to their gums and relieve the pain. 3-5 days before the teeth break out of the gum, redness, swelling, and tenderness of the gums might arise. Parents might also find some difficulty in putting their child to sleep as the baby may become very cranky and have a mild fever. The pain and discomfort reduce once the teeth are out, but this cycle of pain and relief will occur several times more, as more teeth begin to erupt through the course of their early years.

How can you care for your teething child at home?

Kids’ doctors recommend chewing toys for your baby, as it gives them something to bite on to apply pressure on their gums and provide a bit of relief. It’s also safe to freeze up a wet clean cloth and massage the gums of your kid to alleviate the discomfort. During this stage of teething, your baby might begin to drool more. Tying a bib around your baby’s neck and chest every day would help you tackle this and keep them from developing a rash.

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