What is a common ailment in children?

A kids doctor sees children of all ages, for all kinds of disorders. A more common occurrence is the outbreak of head lice at the local NC Gastonia School, as they are spread easily and quickly.

One of your child’s school attendants is infested and then exposed to other kids. Because of the imprint following lice. It can make this a huge inconvenience. There is one thing to observe, which is that lice do not have anything to do with how clean a person is.

Head lice in the USA are a common occurrence. There is nothing for parents to worry about because it is not severe, and you can treat this at home before you need to head off to the local Charlotte NC pediatric practice.

Breeding head lice breed in Gastonia, NC?

In local pediatric practice, your kid’s doctor will explain to you that lice feed on tiny drops of blood from the scalp. The lice can only survive for about one day if they do not have this source of food. Lice do not crawl and will lay eggs near the scalp and live for about one month.

Lice reproduce quickly and spawn up to ten eggs per day. After they hatch, it only takes them two days to achieve adulthood. Their cycle repeats every three weeks if they do not receive any treatment. Head lice may only survive one day while they are away from the scalp at room temperature.

Eggs cannot hatch at cold temperatures outside the heat of the scalp. Once they fall off a child’s head, they are no longer a danger. The lice of the head spread through personal contact because they cannot fly, but crawl.

Over-the-counter products from a pediatric Kid’s doctor in Gastonia NC

The most suitable head lice treatments are usually over-the-counter and user-friendly and will be prescribed by your kids doctor.

If used according to the guidelines on the label, the FDA categorizes over-the-counter products as being safe. Among the three main ingredients they use to treat head lice: Permethrin, which is most commonly found in the over-the-counter product Nix.

Special instructions are available for each product. For example, should you shampoo your hair first, or does it require dry hair? They also advise how old a child should use these products on his or her scalp.

Finding lice advice in Gastonia NC

If you have a child who’s been exposed to lice, there’s absolutely no reason to panic. You can safely use over-the-counter products, but if you are not sure, you can contact Gastonia Pediatric Associates and make an appointment to see your kids doctor.

While you may have over-the-counter products to use following your visit to the pediatric practice, you will find the safest and best treatment tips for your child.