How do genes affect the foods we eat?

A kid’s doctor in Gastonia NC will counsel parents to be sure their children have a healthy diet.

Parents may worry about genetically modified foods because of all the bad press that they receive for being unhealthy and, in some instances, dangerous.

You have genes that can be found in anything living in the beginning. It is these, which are modified in order to produce other vegetables and fruits. The altered states of the genes can be used to combat pests and diseases. If you have, concerns about feeding your children genetically modified foods, read below for healthy information.

Genetically modified foods from a Gastonia NC kid’s doctor

Before explaining what genetically modified organisms (GMO’s) mean, it is nice to know that the exchange of genes is not new and is not something that emerges from the creation of GMO variants in crops. Somehow, all living organisms are genetically modified, all including you, your parents, your children and all the pediatricians at Gastonia Pediatrics.

Genetically Modified Organism means a genetically modified organism. Nowadays, it signifies food that has been modified by changing one or more of its genes. This is the method of obtaining the best from one species and splicing it with the better of another. This, when implemented, is more successful than selective breeding; this itself is a means of forcing modification of GMOs.

Will a kid’s doctor find benefits in genetically modified foods?

The most significant benefit is the herbicide resistance. Such crops are tough and allow farmers to use herbicides, which can decompose quickly, and are not so toxic to the local waterways. The dilemma is that so many weeds are becoming naturally more resilient on their own.

Another key area is insecticides. This allows plants to create their own insecticide. Not only does it control pests, it saves labor and reduces costs.

One area that parents will need to learn from their local kid’s doctor is that certain foods will provide more nutrition when they are genetically modified. Golden rice is a prime example because it is filled with beta-carotene. This is beneficial to children in the developing world.

Will children’s doctors in Gastonia NC recommend genetically modified foods?

A kid’s doctor will always want children to eat the healthiest foods that are possible. While some people think GMO foods may be bad, it can still be hard to know which foods are genetically modified and which are not. If you are concerned about your child’s nutrition, ask the professionals.

If you would like to discuss more about this, contact Gastonia Pediatric Associates and the staff would be happy to review all the evidence they know regarding these types of foods.