Do you think your child is ill?

A Gastonia NC kids doctor at the local pediatric clinic cooperates with other staff members who know that nearly all children suffer from fevers or other conditions at one time or another. Most children contract some diseases, no matter if they are vaccinated.

If you are concerned, your child is feeling sick and you are unsure of the reason, have a look at some advice on what it can be or how to protect your child’s health.

Gastonia NC kids doctor treats fevers

Depending on the age of children, temperature can be either dangerous or hazardous. Children’s doctors will recognize it is not an illness, but the fever is a symptom of a disease. A virus or bacteria more often trigger fevers. It may also be initiated occasionally by overheating via overdressing.

You may want to touch the forehead of your child lightly, and if it feels warmer than expected, you can take your child’s temperature with a thermometer. A 100°F temperature or higher signifies a fever. A kid’s doctor will know about an illness, which signifies a child’s body fighting the disease.

Children need access to light blankets. Also, try to keep a constant temperature in the surroundings. Have them rest and provide them with plenty of fluids. Lowering the temperature shouldn’t be too much of a concern to you. Instead, contact Gastonia Pediatrics if the symptoms continue.

A pediatrician will check for throat problems

Tonsillitis arises as an infection, but there is no single virus or bacteria that causes it. Many times, strep can be the cause, which makes it virtually impossible to vaccinate against it. Tonsils that are infected redden and swell. Because of this, it is hard for small children to swallow.

By the time, a child shows signs of tonsillitis for the very first time, you need to be ready to drive them to your local Gastonia NC kid’s doctor. The bacterial disease is often treated with a course of antibiotics. If your child suffers from viral tonsillitis, this medication does not work reliably.

A child should drink many fluids and eat soft foods to swallow more comfortable. Additionally, the dishes they use will need to be segregated and washed separately.

Your local Gastonia NC pediatrics clinic

If you do not yet have a kids doctor to care for your child, contact Gastonia Pediatric Associates. Staff is available 24 hours a day for emergencies.

If you are not sure about a symptom, it may be worth bringing your child to visit his or her pediatrician, so you know there is no damage. A checkup will never do you any harm, and pediatric specialists can be reassuring.