Why is there such a thing as diaper rash?

Any kid’s doctor in Gastonia NC will run through babies feeding habits in the first few days of being born. A newborn baby can go through almost 10 diapers per day. Babies who are breastfed can use one every time they are fed.

With all these wet patches, at some point, there needs to be an interaction with a baby’s sensitive skin. Here is more information on diaper rash, what causes it, and what parents should do once they encounter it.

What are the causes of diaper rash?

The skin of a baby is hypersensitive and they can react to things much faster in the early days until they become accustomed to them. This doesn’t need to be things that are natural as it can include things that come from their bodies as well.

Here are examples of what causes diaper rash by a kid’s doctor at Gastonia Pediatrics

  • Diapers which are too tight cause friction
  • Skin irritation from their urine and poop. You see diaper rash more in babies who have diarrhea.
  • Baby wipes and diapers themselves can cause skin irritation as can soaps and baby creams.
  • Yeast growth – when diapers are warm and wet, it is the ideal conditions for yeast growth
  • Antibiotics can kill the natural flora in the body that usually controls candida
  • Irritations can cause the skin to break down

A kid’s doctor in Gastonia NC shows the best ways to treat diaper rash

There is no question that the best treatment you can find is the one prescribed by a local pedestrian. Prevention is the one way to control diaper rash. New parents can change diapers frequently as soon as their baby fills the diaper.

When cleaning the skin, there is a tendency to rub too hard, there should be gentle wipes using a warm washcloth. Once clean, the area needs to be thoroughly dry before putting on a clean diaper. If needed, then Vaseline or another barrier can be applied. Nevertheless, there are occasions when a kid’s doctor will recommend another treatment or even medication for diaper rash.

  • Zinc based creams are helpful. These should not be fragranced
  • Cornstarch can be added to a diaper if the baby has diarrhea because it absorbs excess liquids
  • Thick red rashes with bumps around the area can be candida. An anti-fungal cream may be recommended
  • When treating eczema, care needs to be taken if using creams containing steroids

Finding the best diaper rash advice in Gastonia NC

It can be frustrating for new parents when their baby gets diaper rash, yet it isn’t impossible to ease the suffering of the baby and make thinks more harmonious around the home.

If parents need more help and assistance, they can contact their kid’s doctor who deals with this around the clock. Gastonia Pediatric Associates are always on hand to give new parents.