Does your child seem unwell?

A kids doctor in Gastonia. NC will see children for many visible ailments. Vomiting, bruising, or cuts can fall into this, yet there are some times when there is nothing to see.

Headaches can be one such ailment, and when children are small, it can be difficult for them to tell how they feel. From minor pains to chronic problems, a pediatrician’s diagnosis can be the first step towards treatment. If you are not sure how to help your child, you can find out what questions to ask your child’s doctor.

Symptoms a Gastonia, NC kid’s doctor sees

There’s over one reason for a headache. Further symptoms accompanying this pain are generally a clue to uncover these painful puzzles.

Whereas other physical issues may not appear connected with the real headache, they frequently offer some useful indications for diagnosis in pediatrics. Symptoms not associated with headache include:

  1. Migraine sufferers often have symptoms of nausea or vomiting
  2. A cold or the flu leading to sore throats can give kids viral headaches
  3. Sore muscles for no reason generally suggests children are suffering from the flu
  4. If children sound nasally when talking, or have running noses, they may have a cold or flu, or perhaps a sinus infection.
  5. Anxiety can affect anyone, including children. They can face stress associated with the school or with anything else; they find difficult to cope with.

All these can quickly lead to headaches with no physical effects. A full list can help Gastonia Pediatrics professionals to diagnose accurately and thus decide on the course of treatment.

Gastonia NC kids doctor needs to know the source of pain

When children face such pain, it can lead to the local child’s doctor knowing the reason when they know the area. Here are the areas of headache and what the kid’s doctor’s diagnosis may reveal.

  • Migraines mostly occur with pain on one side of the head
  • Sinus infections cause pains either above the eyes or below the eyes and are caused by blocked or infected sinus.
  • Agitation or tension will cause pain on both sides of the head and neck.

Headaches not established anywhere might come from any of the above or many other reasons, such as high blood pressure, eye fatigue, or others.

Finding Gastonia, NC headache help

Children may not be able to tell their parents what they feel when they suffer a headache. Sometimes this can be frustrating because it leaves parents with little opportunity, and may mean they have to take their children to the local pediatric clinic for tests.

If your child has a severe headache at any time, you can contact Gastonia Pediatric Associates as the staff is on hand 24/7 to help parents in an emergency or give advice.

While times may be hard in some areas. There is nothing, which should stand in the way of your child’s health. Having the best kid’s doctor on hand means, your child will have the best care.