Kids’ doctors on when babies should try new foods

Kid's doctors in Gastonia, NC

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If you’re wondering when you can start introducing your baby to new foods, kids’ doctors in Gastonia, NC have some advice on that. First, start by watching your baby’s reaction to foods. As aggravating as it is to see a baby try to taste everything within reach at the worst possible time and then suddenly turn strangely reluctant when you have actual food, there’s useful information. A baby who shoves everything out of his or her mouth with his or her tongue is a baby who isn’t quite ready for non-liquid foods. Give the oral muscles a few more weeks or another month to develop properly. A baby who intently watches what other people are eating is a baby who might be ready to try a soft food.

The usual rule kids’ doctors follow is that babies are ready for soft foods when they’re four to six months old and weigh about twice as much as they did when they were born. Other rules:

  • Don’t start too soon. Children who start eating solid foods too soon, even if you can get them to eat the foods, are more likely to suffer from obesity later in life.
  • Ease them into it. Start by giving them a little milk or formula, then a little more milk or formula with iron-fortified cereal mixed into it.
  • One they’re eating soft cereal with milk, the next step should be pureed fruits, vegetables and meat.
  • Introduce only one new food per meal. If your baby has an allergic reaction, you’ll want to know what it was a reaction to.

Cow’s milk and juice

Until your baby is twelve months old, he or she is going to need the nutrients in breast milk or formula. You can get him or her started on cow’s milk, but again, take it slow. Be sure to use whole milk, because your baby’s developing brain needs the lipids. Don’t serve juice until your baby is six months old, and when you do, make sure it’s the right kind – something with no added sugar and more nutrients than just Vitamin C – in small servings, and only at mealtimes.

Kids’ doctors in Gastonia, NC

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