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Kid’s doctors would like to remind Gastonia, NC parents of the importance of keeping medicines of any sort out of the reach of children unless you need to administer them to these children right at the moment. Last week, five children in a high school in Chattanooga were taken to a hospital after allegedly ingesting prescription medications. The children reportedly found the medications in question in a girls’ bathroom.

Although most parents are concerned with the potential for opioid abuse and abuse of prescription pain relievers, these are not the only medications you need to be concerned about. Anything that has a medical effect is something you need to keep an eye on. Kids have made off with expired muscle relaxant just to see what it was like.

Also, it isn’t just toddlers you need to think about. Very small children might mistake pills for candy, but older children, who are in no danger of making this mistake, may be curious about the effects and might not take seriously the idea that a pill you’re willing to take yourself can be dangerous. This is why medications are the leading cause of child poisoning, sending more than 59,000 children to the emergency room in 2013.

Safety steps you can take

First of all, take great care to obey all instructions when administering these medicines yourself. When dealing with liquid medicines, make sure you measure them correctly, preferably in whatever measuring device came with the medicine.

Of course, you need to teach your children not to take the medicines they find, and to always ask before taking home pain relievers. In particular, small children should not take aspirin if they’re going through the flu or chicken pox, as this puts them at risk of Reye’s syndrome.

You’re going to need to keep track of your own medications. Put any medications in your home out of reach, and make sure to return them to that safe place after every use. If your purse is in reach of your kids, don’t keep medications in your purse. This includes everything from eye drops to vitamins. Even if it isn’t dangerous, letting your children get into the habit of messing with this stuff for entertainment will be.

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