Kids’ doctors in Gastonia on kids and root canals

Kids’ doctors in Gastonia
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Kids’ doctors in Gastonia recommend, for Children’s Dental Health Month this year, that you have a plan for what to do if your child needs a root canal, or endodontic therapy. The recommendation for a root canal will likely come from your kid’s dentist rather than your kid’s doctor, and is sometimes necessary even if your child is still on his or her primary teeth. Injuries and infection in the pulp at the heart at the tooth can lead to the kind of severe, long-lasting pain you don’t want your child to have to go through.

A warning sign that your child has the sort of problems that lead to a need for a root canal is exactly this sort of pain, especially if the pain is a throbbing sensation that doesn’t appear to be set off by anything your child eats or drinks or anything coming into contact with your child’s jaw.

The “root canal” is in fact the channel within the root of the tooth, which connects it to the jaw and allows it to grow from within. Infection sometimes appears in the material in this canal and at the root, and this is when your child needs endodontic therapy.

The procedure, and what to say to your children

Endodontic therapy is more extensive than a regular cavity, and involves working on more sensitive tissue. The dentist must drill through the tooth into the canal and extract all the soft tissue, including the tissue at the root of the tooth if that is where the infection is, and replace it with a filler topped by a crown.

Very few children in Gastonia, NC enjoy trips to the dentist, and a root canal is likely to be much less pleasant than any other dental appointment. The one bit of good news is that it only needs to be done once. How to help your child get through it depends on how old he or she is, and whether or not he or she has had any especially bad experiences at the dentist’s office before. Kids’ doctors recommend you start teaching them to be comfortable with the dentist before long before they need surgery like this, so that it seems less overwhelming.

Kid’s doctors in Gastonia, NC

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