Does your child have what you thought was a cold, but it is getting worse?

Kid’s doctors in Gastonia, NC

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Kid’s doctors in the local Gastonia NC pediatric clinic have seen no end of patients whose parents thought they had a cold and in fact, they were diagnosed as having Whooping Cough. This contagious bacterial infection lives in the throat and nose and does appear to be cold in the early stages.

If you see your child has the following symptoms of a runny nose, they are congested and sneezing with a mild cough, or they have a fever below 102F then there is a chance they do have Whooping Cough.

What else will appear before I need to take them to a Gastonia NC pediatric practice?

Gastonia Pediatrics recommend any parent who sees the following conditions arise to take their children to the clinic as soon as possible. This will occur after 7 to 10 days when the symptoms become worse. The mucus will thicken and will line the child’s airways. This leads to prolonged coughing fits. In some cases, these can be extremely violent which in turn leads to the child vomiting. 

It is at this stage parents panic and rushes their children to their kid’s doctors as quickly as possible. It is then that the pediatricians will explain about Whooping Cough and after fits of coughing to this degree, the child might be prone to extreme fatigue, and end up with a reddish or bluish complexion. This is the last stage when a child’s body struggles to suck in the air which is signified by the loud Whooping.

Gastonia NC kid’s doctors will explain the dangers of worried parents

For children under 12 months old, there is a risk of death if untreated. As children get older, they might not suffer this fate after being checked over by their local pediatricians, but even then it can leave some further ailments. These can occur in children in their teens up to adults.

Here are some of the ailments that patients can suffer from:

  • Burst blood vessels in the skin or the whites of the eyes
  • Abdominal hernias
  • Cracked or bruised ribs

In infants, the complications are a lot more drastic and can include:

  • Brain damage and seizures
  • Slow or halted breathing
  • Pneumonia
  • Dehydration and weight loss because they are unable to feed properly

Can my local pediatrician in Gastonia NC help?

Vaccination is the best approach, and this is all the more evident in babies. Any child should maintain a regular vaccination schedule, and that is something local kid’s doctors can help with. These vaccinations can help reduce the risk, but it won’t stop the chance of contracting whooping cough.

If you are concerned for your child’s health, regardless of them having a cold or not, it is advisable to contact Gastonia Pediatric Associates to schedule a checkup and your child’s first vaccination, and if they do have this illness, a dose of antibiotics can help to ease the symptoms.