Kids’ doctors on potentially dangerous conditions

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Kids’ doctors recommend you learn the symptoms of common conditions, especially the dangerous. Many conditions are caused by a variety of different virus, which means there’s no way to vaccinate against them.


The most common form of abdominal emergency in children under the age of two is intussusecption, in which a portion of the bowel slides into another portion and causes blockage. It begins with sudden, intense pain in the abdomen, which comes and goes. Other symptoms are swelling, vomiting, vomiting bile and the presence of blood and mucus in the stool. The child will often repeatedly draw up the legs. A kids’ doctor can recognize intussusception, but it needs to be treated in the emergency room.

Fluid buildup in the ears

Ear infections can lead to fever and ear pain. According to kids’ doctors, one reason ear infections are so common among children is that sometimes fluid collects in the ears and fails to drain properly. This can act as a growth medium for the bacteria that are responsible for ear infections. If your child’s ears hurt, or he or she tugs them a lot, ask a Gastonia, NC kids’ doctor if there is a drainage problem.

Bronchiolitis and the croup

Bronchiolitis and the croup are both marked by coughing, wheezing and shortness of breath, and sometimes require hospitalization but can more often be treated at home. Bronchiolitis is usually found in infants and can be caused by any of a number of different viruses. Kids’ doctors generally prefer to manage the symptoms until the disease runs its course. Treating it is a lot like treating asthma. In extreme cases, a kids’ doctor may use a bronchodilator to improve air flow into your child’s lungs.

Croup, the inflammation of the upper airways, Is another illness that can come from many different viruses. This condition can usually be treated at home. If one of your children has a case of the croup, ask your kid’s doctor how bad it is. Every once in a while it becomes severe enough that you should take your child to a hospital. If your doctor prescribes an inhalable medication, make sure you follow the directions when administering it.

A kids’ doctor in Gastonia, NC

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