Kid’s doctor on the first three months of infant communication

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Many parents of new babies in Gastonia, NC want advice from kid’s doctor on what their babies are saying and how to communicate. The first thing infants do to express themselves is, of course, cry. Babies have slightly different cries for when they are hungry, tired, bored, overstimulated or in need of affection.

Here’s the point that needs to be underlined — whenever a newborn baby cries, you absolutely should respond. You do not have to worry about him or her becoming spoiled or manipulative at this early stage. No infant is self-aware enough for that. Right now, your baby just needs the security of your presence, your voice and your touch.

Your baby will spend much of the first three months paying attention to his or her surroundings, special focus on human faces. At about two months, babies will start cooing and gurgling. This is when you should talk even more to your baby, telling him or her the names of various things. 

The next nine months

Kids’ doctors say that over the rest of the first year, your baby is going to start imitating the noises and inflections of adult speech, focusing on the consonants and vowels that make up English or the language you speak at home, the rising tones of questions and the falling tones of statements. By the end of the seventh month, your baby should be able to recognize his or her name. To encourage your baby to practice more, engage in conversation with him or her. Try to use more and more real words rather than baby talk. 

Near the end of the first year, your baby should be pointing, waving and saying “mama” and “dada.” Your baby will also recognize the word “no,” which will improve communication if not cooperation. If you’re worried about the development of your baby’s language skills, you should talk to your kid’s doctor.

A useful trick is play-acting in front of your children, acting out “come here” and “may I have that?” with the proper responses. You’ll be glad you did this later on, when your baby starts wandering off and picking things up.

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