Kid’s doctor, also called pediatricians, say that a cough is usually a sign that your baby’s body is trying to rid itself of an irritant or a foreign object. A cough is commonly caused by an infection and flu, colds, and croup can all lead to cough for babies. These infections can actually be managed without antibiotics. You can try these two tips below:

  • Stop triggering foods from their diet (peppermint, chocolate, fried, spicy, fatty foods, and carbonated drinks).
  • Let your baby eat at least two hours before bedtime. And eat smaller meals.

Top Gastonia kid’s doctor and advice about cough medicine

Kid’s doctors say that medication can’t cure flu or colds, but honey, hard candies, or cough drops can relieve a sore throat caused by coughing.  Please note that you should NOT give honey-based cough drops to kids age 1 or younger. Also, moist air can help children cope with croup; try a warm, steamy bathroom, or cool morning air. Also, do not give cough syrup to children under age 4.

What to do next

To help your baby pass through this irritable time, you can make a kit containing certain items, such as a bulb syringe and saline, so they’re within easy reach when you need them. As said above, keeping your kid hydrated is key to keeping their mucus flowing and easy to cough up. If your child is dehydrated, their snot and other secretions may dry up and be difficult to clear out with coughing. This means breastfeeding or giving your child the formula as frequently as your child needs. Kid doctors say extra fluids aren’t necessary, but they recommend keeping up with the normal amounts. Also, using saline drops is another way to moisten secretions in your baby’s nose. What does your child’s nose have to do with coughing? With cold and flu — quite a lot.

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