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Kids doctor recommends you give your children the opportunity to play outside. The dangers are excessively exaggerated, and the health benefits are greatly miscalculated.

Studies show children playing outside are more imaginative and more energetic. They tend to be less hostile, can focus easier and have better social skills. They also have improved vision and better motor skills. Playing outdoors also exposes your child to light, which delivers sufficient amounts of vitamin D, for a valuable immune system boost.

What to do outside with your children in Gastonia NC?

Even when your child outside, the natural instinct for many parents is to make sure their child is doing something. This can include softball, basketball, scouting activities or lessons in other sporting activities.

However, kids doctor recommendations are children should spend around sixty minutes of outdoor play every day which is outside of these activities.

If outdoor recreation openings are reduced in your area, you should go walking with your child or plan day trips to the local recreational park or into the country. Obesity in children is reaching a state of epidemic proportion, so be sure to never miss the chance for your children exercise in relaxed environments.

Kids doctor in Gastonia recommends keeping kids safe

It is a good idea to cover your children with sunscreen when venturing outside. In addition to this, mosquito repellent will also help. Make sure exposed skin is covered, and to follow the recommendations of local children’s doctors. They recommend reapplying sunscreen every hour and a half, especially if your child is swimming.

Gastonia Pediatrics recommend smearing sunscreen before mosquito repellent. The sunscreen soaks the outer layers of the skin whereas mosquito repellent lingers on the surface. If the repellant were under the sunscreen, then it would be masked by the lotion, and thus become ineffective.

Pediatric visits after children have been playing

When children play, they can often get hurt or pick up a big from their friends. This can necessitate a trip to the kid’s doctor in the local pediatric clinic. A pediatrician who answers questions honestly, and who you can reach 24/7 such as local pediatricians are a fantastic backup.

Children’s clinics in Gastonia NC 

A kids doctor who is always there does need to be in your vicinity. Luckily, Gastonia Pediatrics Associates are well placed and easily accessible in location, and at any time of the day.

If you are new to the area, the professional kid’s doctors will be waiting for your first visit so they can get to know more about your children, they will, after all, be watching them grow up for the next few years so they should be getting acquainted sooner rather than later.