Kid’s doctor advice

Kid’s doctor in Gastonia prioritizes safe sleeping for your babies and shares the following tips with parents and caregivers to help them put their babies to bed and sleep. These tips include:

Baby sleeping position

Kid’s doctors say that a baby should always sleep well and sleep on his or her back. Ensure that your babies’ faces and head stay uncovered. Consider using a sleeper rather than a blanket. It’s best for a baby to sleep in a crib, and to remove stuffed toys, pillows, and bumper pads from the crib.

Creating a sleep schedule for your baby

Kids doctors say that newborns babies sleep up to 18 hours a day, they typically will only sleep for 1-2 hours at a time. Infants will gradually begin sleeping for a longer period, and by the time they reach six months of age, they are developmentally ready to sleep through the night. Some newborn babies are ready to sleep through the night by three to four months of age, or at least up to five hours at a time.

Develop a consistent bedtime routine for your baby

Parents should avoid stimulating activities that might delay sleep. It is vital to put your baby down to bed drowsy but awake to avoid the development of sleep associations to which your infant might become conditioned to falling asleep. Examples of this include rocking or feeding to the point of falling asleep, such that when the child awakens in the night, they need that same stimulus to fall back asleep.

Understand that waking is normal

Kid’s doctor tells parents that it is normal for children to wake during the night. If a parent answers immediately to crying, this may result in training the child to wake and cry at night.

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