Kid’s doctor analyzes that fever in babies is a typical source of concern among parents, although fever is not dangerous in and of itself. A fever indicates that the body of a baby is fighting an infection. When a newborn gets a fever, caregivers may be concerned, even though fever is a sign of a robust immune system. However, newborns’ bodies are more susceptible, and fever can indicate a dangerous infection.

When is a fever a cause for concern?

Kid’s doctor’s rectal thermometer can be used to take a baby’s temperature for the most precise readings. The manner of taking a child’s temperature determines whether he or she has a fever. Using a rectal thermometer, the temperature should be above 100.4°F. Using an oral thermometer above 100°F (not accurate in infants). Using an armpit thermometer, the temperature should be above 99°F.

What causes fever?

They say that fever may not always indicate the presence of a serious illness. A caregiver should contact a doctor if an infant under the age of three months has a temperature that is higher than 100.4°F when measured rectally. The degree of a fever is not always related to the severity of the child’s illness.

Kid’s doctor says fevers in newborns are caused by a variety of factors like colds, Infections of the respiratory tract, such as a respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) or croup, Pneumonia, Throat infections caused by viruses, Infections of the ears, etc.

What to do if your newborn has a fever? 

The kid’s doctor insists that instead of treating the fever, it is recommended that caregivers watch for signs of sickness and keep their babies comfortable. To look after a feverish baby, do the following:

  • Keep an eye on the baby’s activities and overall comfort.
  • Make sure the baby stays hydrated. Dehydration is more likely when you have a fever. An electrolyte drink may be recommended to prevent dehydration.
  • If you need to give an anti-fever medication to a sleeping baby, don’t wake them up.
  • If a baby is in discomfort due to the fever, an anti-fever medication under the supervision of a doctor can be used.

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