Kid’s doctor in Gastonia NC says sarcoptic scabies is microscopic mite that causes scabies. It is a widespread skin condition that affects people all over the world. The mites burrow into the skin and deposit their eggs in the little tunnels that they dig for themselves. This results in little irritating bumps and blisters on the skin. Hypersensitive response to the mite, its excrement, and eggs causes the itching and rash that characterizes scabies and other mite-borne diseases.

Signs and symptoms of scabies

Kid’s doctors say itching is the most frequent symptom of scabies, and it generally appears before any other signs or symptoms appear. Other signs and symptoms of scabies are as follows:

  • Bumpy or blistered skin
  • Tracks of burrowing animals
  • Skin that is thickened, scaly, scraped and scabbed
  • Irritability and poor eating are common in young children.
  • And more…

Kid’s doctor and the prevention of scabies

Members of the household and close contacts of someone who is being treated for scabies should also be treated at the same time, even if they are not experiencing any symptoms. Clothing, sheets, and towels should be washed in hot water and dried on a high heat setting. Place stuffed animals and any other objects that can’t be washed in a sealed plastic bag for at least three days before washing them again. Make a thorough vacuuming of each room in the home, then toss away the vacuum cleaner bag.

What is the treatment for scabies? 

Kid’s doctor in Gastonia NC treats children suffering from scabies by giving a medicinal cream or lotion that kills the mites that cause the condition. As a parent, trim your child’s nails and apply medication to the tips of their fingers. Most treatments must be left on the skin for 8–12 hours before they may be rinsed away. It is possible that you will wish to administer the antibiotic before your kid goes to bed and then wash it off the following morning.

When treating scabies in older children, your Gastonia Pediatric Associates kid’s doctor may choose an oral treatment (medicine given by mouth) rather than a topical cream. To alleviate itching, the doctor may prescribe an antihistamine or a steroid cream, such as hydrocortisone, to patients.

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