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Kids doctor recommend planning for cold weather

Kids doctor in your area can help you prepare your child for winter. Gastonia, NC may not have the harshest winters in the country, but kids doctors still recommend you prepare your children for the cold. Start with their clothes. Your children are growing. The winter clothes that fit them last year might not fit them this year. Now is a good time to get out all their sweaters and coats and heavy jackets and hats, get them to try them on and see what still fits, what is too small, and what they have decided is hopelessly unfashionable.

Your children need layers of clothing even more than you do. For the smallest children, you should make a point of adding one more layer than you would for an adult, and should not include any scarves or anything with hood strings that could get caught around their necks.

Other ways to prepare for the cold

If your children will be outside on clear days, especially if sun is reflecting off the snow, you might want to put sunscreen on exposed skin. You also need to make sure your children are drinking plenty of fluids even if they are not sick, because colder air is drier air and the human body is slower to detect dehydration and become thirsty in cooler weather.

Getting ready for winter emergencies

Another good way to get your family ready for winter is to have supplies ready for emergencies. Get some salt or sand for your sidewalk, front walk and driveway in case of ice or light snow. Kids doctors recommend you keep several days worth of any medication you or your children need. For extra light, flashlights and batteries are a safer idea than candles.

Even more important than safety for your home is safety for your car. The best way to survive being stranded in a storm is to stay in or near your car and try to call for help, rather than to go wandering around looking for help. Your car survival kit should include a shovel and some sand or cat litter to help you get your car out of slippery spots. There should be snacks, water, warm clothing, blankets or sleeping bags, something to read, a flashlight, and some sealable plastic bags.

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