Kid’s doctor can help you store and dispose of your medicines safely

Gastonia’s top-rated kid’s doctor insists on the need to store and dispose of medicines properly. 14% of high school seniors in national polls report abusing prescription opioids over the course of their lifetimes. Many people believe they are purchasing prescription medicines via the internet, on the street, or from a doctor, yet 70% of those who abuse them obtain them through friends or family members or by filling their own prescriptions.

Statistics related to drug misuse

  • Unintentional drug overdose deaths are now the biggest cause of mortality in Ohio and the United States, surpassing deaths from car accidents.
  • One in five seniors in high school reported abusing prescription medicines in the previous year, with opioids accounting for roughly half of these drugs.
  • The age at which teenagers are most at risk of abusing prescription opioids non-medically is 15.
  • Out of every five users of synthetic opioids, four began by abusing prescription opioids.
  • Over the past 14 years, the death rates from opioid overdose have nearly quadrupled, with an especially sharp rise in the last 5 years.

Keeping children safe from drug misuse

Observe, safeguard, and dispose of prescription medications responsibly.

  • Identify the location of your prescriptions.
  • Be aware of how much medication you typically take.
  • Avoid storing prescriptions in a handbag, nightstand, kitchen counter, or medicine cabinet; instead, keep them in a secure, locked place. Lock boxes are available at pharmacies and online.
  • Identify the right moment to stop using painkillers by talking to your doctor about it.
  • Once the transition from medicine is complete, parents should remove and secure any remaining prescriptions from the reach of children and patients.


Get rid of any leftover medication. The ideal site is a neighborhood drop-off point, an outpatient pharmacy, or a public drop box. If you need to get rid of them at home or want to:

Except as directed, never flush unneeded drugs down the toilet.

Take prescription drugs out of the original packaging, and combine them with something you don’t want, like cat litter or leftover coffee grounds. Put the mixture into a bag that can be sealed or into a disposable container with a cover, such as an empty margarine tub. Remove or hide any personal information on the empty containers by scratching it off, covering it with duct tape, or using a black permanent marker. Put the medicine containers that are empty and the sealed container in the trash.

Remind your kids that they should only take drugs lawfully, as recommended by their doctor, and that you, as their parent, should be in charge of giving them any pharmaceuticals. Remind your youngster that it is illegal and dangerous to ever use someone else’s medication.

Visit Gastonia’s top-rated kid’s doctor

Keeping your medicines away from children can help prevent accidents. if you are unsure about how to dispose of or store medicine properly, work with the best kids’ doctor in Gastonia for the best results. Gastonia Pediatric Associates, your Gastonia area pediatricians, offers top-quality pediatric care.