Best kids doctor in Gastonia NC talk about tongue-tie

Kids doctor in Gastonia NC explains that tongue-tie, also known as ankyloglossia, is a congenital disorder in which the tongue is unable to move normally. A child with a tongue-tie may have a hard time exposing their tongue. A child’s ability to eat, talk, and swallow may be compromised if they have a tongue knot. Tongue-tie may never be an issue for you. Correction may be as easy as a surgical procedure in certain instances.

Symptoms of tongue-tie

Kids doctor in Gastonia NC explains that children with tongue-tie may have difficulty raising or swiveling their tongue up and over the top teeth. They can also be unable to extend one’s tongue over the gum line and into the mouth. When the tongue is extended, it seems to have a notch or a heart shape.

Complications that may arise with tongue-tie

Kids doctors explain that tongue-tie may impact a baby’s oral development, eating, speaking, and swallowing habits. For instance, if you have a tongue-tie, you run the risk of:

  • Breastfeeding difficulties, to be precise. While sucking on the lower gum, a breastfed baby must keep its tongue over it. A baby may chew instead of sucking on the breast if the tongue cannot be held in the proper position. There is a risk of nipple soreness and difficulty breastfeeding if this occurs. A baby’s inability to flourish might be attributed to a mother’s poor breastfeeding habits.
  • Speech impediments. Certain sounds, such as “t,” “d,” “z,” “s,” “th,” “r,” and “l,” may be affected by tongue-tie.
  • A lack of care for one’s teeth and gums. Tooth decay may be a problem for older children and adults with tongue-tie. Inflammation of the gums and tooth decay may result from this (gingivitis). As a result of tongue-tie, it is possible to develop a gap or space between the upper and lower front teeth.

Other oral actions pose difficulties. Several activities may be hindered by tongue-tie, such as eating, kissing, and playing a wind instrument.

When to go to the doctor

Kids’ doctor recommends that you see your Gastonia Pediatric Associates doctor if you observe signs of tongue-tie, such as difficulties in breastfeeding. Older children often complain of problems eating, speaking, or accessing the rear teeth because of issues with their tongue.

Best kids doctor in Gastonia NC talk about tongue-tie

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