Kids doctor in Gastonia NC and pneumonia

Kids doctor in Gastonia NC explains that pneumonia can affect anybody and not only children. Even while pneumonia was exceedingly hazardous in the past, nowadays, most children may recover from it simply with adequate medical treatment.

Causes of pneumonia

A kids doctor says that a viral upper respiratory tract infection is the most common cause of pneumonia. Bacterial infections are another possible cause of pneumonia. In addition, bacterial growth in the lungs may occur if a viral infection has irritated or damaged a child’s immune system sufficiently. Children with compromised immune systems or damaged lungs, such as cystic fibrosis, asthma, or cancer, may be more susceptible to contracting pneumonia.

Pneumonia symptoms and signs in children

Kids doctor diagnoses that the most common symptom of pneumonia is a high fever, which may be accompanied by other symptoms such as sweating, chills, and a flushed appearance on the skin. The youngster may also seem lethargic and lose their appetite. When a child is sick, they may appear pale, limp, and cry more often than usual.

Anti-pneumonia therapy

Kids doctor in Gastonia NC recommends that if your child has pneumonia caused by a virus, rest and the standard fever-control methods are typically all they need. After a few days, the symptoms of viral pneumonia are typically gone, although the cough may continue for many weeks. Your doctor may prescribe antibiotics due to the difficulty in determining whether a virus or a bacterium causes pneumonia. All prescription antibiotics should be taken for the complete course and at the specified dose.

When to see your doctor

Kids doctor in Gastonia advises that your child’s symptoms should be checked by the doctor if you feel their conditions are worsening. Despite taking antibiotics, if the fever lasts more than a few days, you need to visit your doctor. Also, watch out for flu-like symptoms that come and go in a few days, breath problems, increased sleepiness and lethargy, swollen joints, neck stiffness, vomiting, or other new symptoms because they may be indications that there may be an infection elsewhere in the body.

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