Kids doctor in Gastonia NC talk to parents about children’s concussions

Kids doctor in Gastonia NC explains that one of the most common types of traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a concussion. The brain and skull move rapidly back and forth within the skull due to a blow, bump, or shock to the head or body. Some brain cells might be stretched or damaged by this rapid movement.

Children’s and teenagers’ sources of concussions

Kids doctor in Gastonia NC explains that a concussion may be caused by any action that results in a brain injury. Football, hockey, rugby, and wrestling fall within this category. Other hobbies, such as biking, skating, or tree climbing, may also cause concussions.

Common signs and symptoms of a concussion

Kids doctor in Gastonia NC says those who complain of “not feeling right” after a head or body knock, blow, or jolt may have suffered a concussion or other catastrophic brain damage. If the injury occurred while the youngster was participating in a sport, they might have difficulty remembering an instruction, position, or the game’s score or opponent. Parents may observe that the child:

  • Responds slowly to inquiries
  • Has throbbing or aching pain in the temples
  • Double or fuzzy vision, dizziness, or other such symptoms of poor balance, and much more

It is common for these symptoms to begin immediately after an accident, but in rare situations, they may not appear for many days.

When to see your doctor

Kids doctor explain that if your kid has been struck in the head or body and is exhibiting any of the following symptoms, take them to the nearest hospital emergency room immediately.

  • An excruciating headache that worsens and never goes away
  • Decreased coordination, numbness, and weakness.
  • Shuffling of one’s words
  • Looks sleepy or unable to be roused.
  • Involuntary movement of the body

Having a concussion does not always indicate that the brain has been damaged in any structural way. Although your child’s imaging test results may be normal, they may still be experiencing concussion-related symptoms. ​

The process of rehabilitation and healing

Kids doctor in Gastonia NC, usually diagnoses that the primary therapy for concussion is to limit physical and mental activity for some time. Ensure that you visit your Gastonia Pediatric Associates doctor before for inquiry on how to handle your child.

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