Kids doctor in Gastonia NC and glue ear

Kids doctor in Gastonia NC explains that ear infections are prevalent in young children. The majority of infections resolve themselves quickly and are not life-threatening. Otitis media and otitis externa are the most common ear infections in children. The middle ear is the most common site for ear infections. Fluid builds up below the eardrum if the middle ear is infected. Language development might be temporarily affected.

Why do kids get ear glue ear?

The Eustachian links the middle ear to the throat is smaller in babies and early children than in older children. Bacteria from the throat can cause mites up to the middle ear when your kid can develop an infection. Your child is more than likely to have an outer ear infection if they’ve recently been swimming. Canal damage might also be scratching or cleaning with earbuds also cause the condition.

Symptoms and signs of ear glue

Kids doctor in Gastonia NC explains that both inner and outer ear infections may cause ear discomfort in babies and toddlers. Anxiety might result from this discomfort. Cold-like symptoms may also be present in your kid (e.g., runny nose, sore throat). A burst eardrum occurs when the eardrum bulges, resulting in a thick yellow discharge from the pain. Intense pain may be felt in the ear as fluid builds up behind the eardrum. Many children with a middle ear infection have a fever, typically the sole symptom. Children may ask for things to be repeated, speak loudly, or turn up the television volume if they have difficulty hearing. Irritability or sleep disturbances are common side effects of ear pressure or discomfort.

When to see your doctor

Your kid should be sent to the doctor for an ear infection if you suspect that they have a glue ear. The stiff, bony region behind the ear may become infected if a middle ear infection is not treated promptly and effectively. This region should be checked out by your Gastonia Pediatric Associates’ kids doctor or emergency room if there is redness, swelling, or discomfort. Your Gastonia Pediatric Associates doctor or ENT expert may offer surgery if the glue ear continues and affects your child’s hearing for an extended time.

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