Kid’s doctor in Gastonia NC explains that a febrile seizure is a convulsion that may occur when a young kid has a temperature higher than 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit (38 degrees Celsius). Episodes usually last just a few minutes and then subside on their own. The fever may last for many days. Although febrile seizures might seem life-threatening, most of them subside on their own and do not create any other health concerns.

Who is at risk of suffering from febrile seizures?

Kid’s doctors say febrile seizures affect children between 6 months and five years. They are most frequent in toddlers between 12 and 18 months. Children are more likely to experience a febrile seizure if they have a history of febrile seizures in their family, have already experienced one, etc.

Which signs and symptoms indicate a case of febrile seizures?

The kid’s doctor explains that there are two forms of febrile seizures. Simple febrile seizures are the most frequent kind of seizure. They are usually done in a few minutes, but in exceptional instances, they may linger up to 15 minutes. During this sort of seizure, a kid may convulse, shake, and twitch all over their body, as well as roll their eyes, faint, vomit, etc. Complications of complex febrile seizures include convulsions that last longer than 10 minutes, seizures that occur more than once in 24 hours, and seizures that have movement or twitching of just one section or one side of the body.

Which factors contribute to febrile seizures?

Kid’s doctor in Gastonia, NC, explains that no one knows what causes febrile seizures to occur. Although it is not known what causes them, data shows that they are connected to some viruses and the way a child’s growing brain responds to high fevers.

What to do in this situation

If your kid experiences a febrile seizure, be calm. Place your youngster on the floor or the ground with little pressure. Remove any things that may be in the way. To keep your infant from choking, turn them on their side. Remove any clothing that is tight around the head and neck. Keep note of how long the seizure lasts and write it down. Call your Gastonia pediatric doctor to schedule an appointment to determine the reason for the fever once the attack has ended.

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