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Kid’s doctor- advice on communicating with your baby

One thing many parents of new babies want advice from a kid’s doctor on is how to communicate with the new baby.

The first three months

As Tennyson once said, in the beginning an infant really does have “no language but a cry.” Your baby’s cry will be slightly different, depending on whether he or she is hungry, tired, bored, in need of affection or just overstimulated.

Whatever you may have heard, newborn babies aren’t self-conscious enough to be spoiled or to manipulate anyone. Go ahead and respond whenever they cry. Your baby can’t understand words yet, so use your touch and the sound of your voice to let him or her know that everything is all right.

From the first to the third month, kid’s doctors say babies start paying attention to their surroundings, and especially the faces of people around them. At about two months, the cooing and gurgling will start, as babies discover new ways to vocalize. Encourage this by talking to him or her a lot. This is a good time to start telling you baby the names of things.

The rest of the first year

As your baby grows, kid’s doctors say he or she should start imitating the noises and inflections of adult speech, including the rising tones of questions and the falling tones of statements. Say your baby’s name a lot — he or she should be responding to it by the end of the seventh month. Engage in conversation, to encourage him or her to keep practicing talking. Use less and less baby talk and more and more real words. Towards the end of the first year, your baby will be pointing and waving, saying “mama” and “dada” and responding (not necessarily well) to “no.” You should talk to your kid’s doctor if you have concerns about the development of your baby’s language skills.

One thing parents can do is play-act in front of their children, acting out “come here” and “may I have that?” This will come in handy later on when your baby starts wandering off and grabbing things.

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