Kid’s doctor recommends the following crib safety tips for safe parenting

Kid’s doctor in Gastonia NC helps new parents navigate the challenging phases of newborn care. As their parent, it is up to you to make sure where they sleep is safe and that they can also achieve a good night’s sleep without jeopardizing their health and safety.

Aside from making sure the crib is clean, you need to deal with risks of falling, entrapment or suffocation within the areas they sleep in. It is important that you have a crib to keep your baby safe while they sleep. Even in the crib, you should consider the following safety tips.

Have a sturdy crib – all parts should be well jointed

Never use hardware store parts in place of a crib’s original components. The crib’s manufacturer must be contacted directly to order the parts. The bolts, screws, and other crib gear should be tightly fastened, without any sharp or rough edges or regions where your precious child could get pinched or suffer other harm. The wood of the crib shouldn’t have any splits or cracks in it.

Use non-toxic paint

When choosing crib paint, keep in mind more than just the hue. Lead in the finish of cribs may pose a major health danger to infants and young children. Have any lead-free cribs that have peeling or broken paint restored?

If you suspect that your prospective buyer’s paint contains lead, have it removed outside of your home while adhering to the Environmental Protection Agency’s best practices (EPA). Then, begin fresh with a superior lead-free enamel. Check the paint label to make sure it is safe. Stick to non-toxic paint for a natural nursery.

Avoid toys

Toys within the crib can cause strangulation hazards or press against the baby causing them to be uncomfortable. Discomforts can interrupt their sleep, causing them to act up. If you want to entertain them while they are within the crib, consider toys that hang overlooking the crib. Such toys can help them remain engaged but do not interfere with their need to sleep.

Make sure the crib is of the right size

No more than 2 3/8 inches wide and without any broken or missing bars, crib bars or slats must be used. At least 26 inches should separate the top of the mattress support in its lowest position from the top of the crib rail when it is in its tallest position. Finally, corner posts need to be at least 16 inches tall and align flush with the top of the headboard. If your child tries to climb out, the posts between these heights can snag his clothing.

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