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Kids’ doctor can help before and after your child’s surgery

Kids’ doctors don’t normally do surgery, but they still have an important role to play in the process. The first step, of course, is diagnosing a problem and recognizing that this is a problem that needs surgery, not something that he or she can deal with in the office or that can be sorted out through rest and medication. In order to do this, a kids’ doctor needs not only a good knowledge of medicine, but also of his or her own abilities and limits.

The hard part, of course, is getting the child emotionally prepared for surgery — something that’s scary enough for adults. For a child, the already frightening prospect of being operated on is made worse by the fact that it will be done by strangers, with his or her parents not in the room at the time. A kids’ doctor knowshow to talk to children, find out how much they already know and believeand earn their trust, even in the unfriendly setting of a hospital. He or she knows what words to use and what words to avoid, mostly favoring simple and familiar terms instead of alarming medical terms.

After the surgery, your child is likely to need some medication and time at home to recuperate. Your kids’ doctor can help you plan this, and talk your child through whatever side effects the medication may have.

When sleep can be scary

For a child in Gastonia, NC, even the prospect of anesthesia can be frightening. How frightening depends on how much they already know about it. This depends on how old and how knowledgeable your child is. This is why it’s a good idea to let your kid’s doctor talk about it. Your child should come away with the understanding that this isn’t like normal sleep (or rather, normal sleep isn’t like this), that they will wake up after the surgery, and they won’t wake up in the middle of it.

Kids’ doctors in Gastonia, NC

The best time to look for a kids’ doctor in your area is when your child is perfectly healthy, you are not in a hurry and you can afford to take the time to find the best. Gastonia Pediatric Associates is a pediatric clinic in a convenient location within the Charlotte area. It is one of the first medical practices for children in this area, and is owned and directed by its own physicians. It offers medical advice for parents 24 hours a day, and has provided personalized service to three generations of families. Its staff includes three physicians and three nursing staff. If you need a kids’ doctor for your family, contact Gastonia Pediatrics today.