Kid’s doctor can help you understand the child’s developmental stages

Kid’s doctor in Gastonia recommends knowing the different stages that your child has to go through throughout their development. As they grow, children undergo tremendous transformation. These alterations mostly involve the body. Other changes are cognitive, which means they have an impact on how kids learn and think. Most kids accomplish particular developmental milestones by the time they reach a given age since child development frequently happens in stages. What are the five developmental phases for children? Find out by reading on.


Newborns respond automatically to outside stimuli throughout the first month of life. In other words, when you massage a baby’s face or put your finger in her hand, the baby will bend her head toward your hand and grab it. A newborn is able to move her head from side to side, view objects up close, identify specific smells, and grin or cry when she needs something. Developmental problems such as spina bifida, hereditary conditions, and fetal alcohol syndrome can manifest in newborns.


In the first year of life, infants swiftly acquire new skills. An infant can regulate his head motions and put his hands together between the ages of three and six months. A baby can sit alone, chatter, and react to his name by the time he is six to nine months old. A baby can pick up things, crawl, and even stand with support between the ages of nine and twelve months. Infants that develop slowly may have Down syndrome or other developmental difficulties.

Toddler stage

Toddlers start to learn how to walk independently, climb stairs, and leap in place when they are between the ages of one and three years old. They are able to utilize brief words, wield a crayon, draw circles, stack blocks on top of one another, and even follow straightforward instructions. When a parent or medical professional has concerns, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advises screening for autism between the ages of 18 and 24 months.

Preschool stage

Children develop their motor skills between the ages of three and five. They are able to clothe themselves, throw a ball overhand, skip and jump, stand on one foot for at least ten seconds, and draw faces. At this stage of development, symptoms of developmental impairments including cerebral palsy may start to show.

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