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Kids’ doctors on National Nutrition Month

March is National Nutrition Month, and kids’ doctors recommend you take this opportunity to take charge of your children’s diet and help them develop the healthy eating habits that will serve them well in years to come.

In the modern age, it is possible to eat healthier than it ever was before. If you’ve been inside very old buildings and old sailing vessels, you may have noticed the low ceilings. People are, on average, a little taller now than they were then, and the reason is good nutrition. Unfortunately, since 2000 the average height of American adults has declined a fraction of an inch, according to a study by NCD Risk Factor Collaboration. This may be a sign that many families are having increasing difficulty in finding nutritious food.

Helping preschoolers eat healthy

The bad news is that if you want your children to eat healthy foods, you have to start by doing so yourself. Children have a sharp eye for hypocrisy, and they need good examples. It will make things easier if you make sure there are lots of nutritious options available, and not too many non-nutritious options. If you can get them, fresh vegetables have more flavor than canned vegetables.

Try to get the whole family together for regular mealtimes, if possible. Instead of insisting that your child eat a little of everything, offer a choice of possible foods so that your child will not feel completely powerless. This will discourage the steady stream of snacking that is a driving force in obesity. Children are a little more likely to eat something they helped make. Give them something small to do to help in fixing a salad. Finally, don’t encourage your children to keep eating if they say they’re full.

Giving healthy eating opportunities to school-age children

The good news is that Gastonia, NC school lunches aren’t as bad as they were when you were in school. The bad news is that they’re still less than optimal. Ask your children what food options are available. If you have time, try to make bag lunches for your children at least once or twice a week. Look online for recipes of nutritious cold lunches that are simple to make.

A kids’ doctor in Gastonia, NC

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