How should I treat sunburn in my child?

Children’s doctor in Gastonia NC

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A children’s doctor will give lots of advice on treating sunburn. This will include getting them out of the sun, using specific cooling products and cold water. There are many ways that parents can treat sunburn in their children before they need to consider a visit to their local pediatric clinic.

Here is a breakdown of what parents can do if their child happens to catch the sun unexpectedly.

Get your children out of the sun

This sounds obvious, but a children’s doctor will say it repeatedly. If a child is burning from the sun, parents need to find or make some shade.

Even overcast days in Gastonia NC can have similar effects.

Staying in the sun makes things worse. This puts children at risk of heat exhaustion or heat stroke.

Give your child a cool bath or shower

Unless you are at home, you may need to wrap your child in a cool damp towel; this is the best thing to a cool shower. You may need to do this at intervals to keep the temperature down.

Keep children hydrated in Gastonia NC

When a child is suffering from sunburn, their skin won’t retain moisture as well. A children’s doctor from Gastonia Pediatrics will advise, to make sure children drink more water than usual. This can be repetitive drinks every hour depending on the severity of the sunburn.

Aloe Vera products can cool the skin

Aloe Vera products are widely available in forms of lotions and gels. These are soothing when applied to sunburned skin. A kid’s doctor always advises not to use any product, which contains oil. These oils trap heat against the skin.

It may be tempting to use products, which contain benzocaine or lidocaine, because they are pain relievers, never use these as they lead to irritation of sunburn.

Ibuprofen can reduce swelling and pain

Depending on the age of children, you can give them Ibuprofen to help control any pain or swelling they may have. The dosage is one thing that concerns many parents, but you can consult with a Gastonia NC children’s doctor to find out an ideal dose.

If children don’t appear to be recovering from sunburn in Gastonia NC

If you do the above and your child doesn’t seem to be recovering from their sunburn, or you see they feel nauseous, have cramping or they feel sleepy even though they are indoors. This can be a sign you need to take them to their children’s doctor.

If this happens, Gastonia Pediatric Associates are available 24/7 for emergencies such as this. They have seen many cases where children are overcome with the sun and get sunburn.