How early can a pediatrician spot signs of autism?

Kid’s doctor in Gastonia, NC

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A kid’s doctor will be with you as you go through the unforgettable experience of watching your child grow. They know every child develops at a different rate, but if they see they are not reaching specific milestones, it could raise red flags. They can find the first signs of autism spectrum disorder in children at ages of 6 – 12 months old.

A pediatrician may spot signs in children earlier, if they suspect, they will explain to new parents all about autism. Here is what parents should know.

A Pediatricians explanation of autism in Gastonia NC children

Autism is a complex developmental disability that affects social skills, don’t enjoy playing, learning, and communicating. Individual cases of autism fall in the range from mild to severe. Kid’s doctor is unsure what causes autism, but they think a combination of environmental and genetic factors can lead toward this disability. There are some circumstances that can raise a child’s risk of developing autism.

A prime example being if there is a sibling with autism, the risk increases by about 20% of being diagnosed. Other risks such as premature birth, delivery complications, low birth weight and parents of an older age can all be determining factors. Pediatricians from Gastonia Pediatrics can spot these very early markers during their early visits.

The first signs of autism in babies

Parents or their kid’s doctor in Gastonia NC can spot the first signs of autism when the child is 6-12 months old. This will depend on the severity of symptoms. Parents need to pay attention if their baby reacts to social information and their environment.

In the first 12-months, babies babble and use simple pointing gestures. They can also smile at caregivers. Babies also make noises as communication with parents.

Babies that are showing signs of autism often do not communicate through each of these sounds or gesture channels and often do not respond to social stimulation. 

Signs of autism spotted by a kid’s doctor at 3 to 7 months

There are quite a few symptoms that can be spotted in the first seven months of a babies’ life. Here are a few of the more common:

  • Babies don’t follow moving objects with their eyes: They are often more interested in simple objects.
  • Loud noises don’t grab their attention
  • Babies don’t grab and hold on to objects.
  • Babies tend not to smile at people and don’t babble
  • When older, they don’t turn to the source of sounds
  • Babies show little or no affection toward parents.
  • They don’t laugh or make baby sounds.
  • There is little interest in reaching for objects
  • They don’t smile or try to attract attention through their actions.
  • They have little interest in playing simple games

What if my pediatrician in Gastonia NC diagnoses my child with autism?

If there is any suspicion of autism in a child, and your kid’s doctor isn’t yet aware, then it is time to take your child to the local pediatric practice as soon as possible. The pediatricians will evaluate your baby and discuss all the developmental concerns.

While it isn’t always possible to reverse the symptoms, it is never too early to contact Gastonia Pediatric Associates so they can begin their plan of therapy which can best help your child. No matter what time, 24/7 they are available to help make the symptoms of autism more manageable for parents and the suffering child.