Does Gastonia kid’s doctor see increase in child concussions?

The local kid’s doctor may see increased concussions in school-aged children. The majority of childhood concussions are now happening while playing sports or games. Parents have to understand the dangers of concussion and recognize the warning signs if they have student athletes or active children in their family.  Learn more about this injury by reading below.

Where are concussions coming from in Gastonia NC?

Sports are a great after-school activity for a lot of kids. It helps children from all ages enhance communication and teamwork while helping them to disconnect from digital devices and experience a fuller lifestyle. However, even though there are benefits to children from sports, it can also pose some health risks, including concussion.

Nowadays, the majority of child concussions that the local kid’s doctor will see occur while playing sports or games, especially soccer, ice hockey, lacrosse, and football among others. While concussions can also result from falling or biking, athletes and parents, need to be particularly aware of the risks of concussions, the accompanying symptoms to watch for, and what to do next.

How will a Gastonia NC kid’s doctor explain concussion?

Concussion is a specific kind of brain injury, generally mild in nature. A concussion is when an accident occurs where the head moves forcefully in both directions, to the degree the brain moves and rebounds inside the skull. This can be a direct blow to the head or body injury causing sudden head movements.

This brain movement can lead to stretching and damaging brain cells. It causes changes in chemicals and cells in the brain. Concussion is classed as “mild” because it’s not often life threatening. However, the effects of a concussion can be serious and last for days, weeks, or even longer.

Signs of concussion a Gastonia NC pediatrician will see

Some of the visible signs of concussion the kid’s doctor in Gastonia Pediatrics include:

Headache, nausea and vomiting

Problems with balance and dizziness

Sensitive to noise or light and blurry vision

Sluggish, dazed and can’t pay attention

Memory problems and confusion

Problems sleeping

Behavior and mood changes or personality

Whom to see in Gastonia NC in case of a concussion?

The majority of the concussions are mild and will allow a full recovery. When a concussion is detected and plans for care are developed, the faster a child can recover. To support this process, children will need to rest from physical and mental activities during the first 24 hours following a concussion. During this period, an initial assessment with a pediatrician will help determine the extent of the concussion.

To be sure families have the proper support staff, contact Gastonia Pediatric Associates since they are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If anything does go wrong and a child has a concussion, all parents will be glad to have the right kid’s doctor to nurture their family.