Gastonia’s kid’s doctor helps new parents understand breastfeeding

Gastonia’s kid’s doctor recommends breastfeeding as a natural and beautiful way for a mother to feed her baby. But breastfeeding isn’t always straightforward and may not come naturally to a new mother. Babies are all different and as complex as the grown adults taking care of them. Below are facts that first-time moms and breastfeeders should be aware of:

Breastfeeding can take time

Feeding is a baby’s natural instinct that can sometimes become difficult. If this describes your situation, don’t panic. Instead, relax and relish skin-to-skin contact before feeding and allow your baby to take the lead. Excessive interference and anxiety can make the process difficult for both of you. Seek help if breastfeeding is always a challenge.

There’s nothing bad or shameful about bottle feeding

Breastfeeding may not work due to physiology or your work schedule. But that doesn’t mean you’ve failed as a mother. Solutions include pumping and bottle feeding or supplementing breast milk with formula. Consult your pediatrician and lactation consultant to foster the best possible outcome for your baby. Bottle feeding allows the baby’s father and other family members to bond with the child during feeding sessions.

Seeking professional help is normal

Lactation consultants have vast experience in breastfeeding. That said, what seems like a problem to you is likely something they have seen countless times. Asking for help is a great step to take.

Babies and moms need adequate food and sleep

Mothers must take a balanced diet to produce healthy milk. The best production follows the consumption of 1800 to 2200 calories every twenty-four hours, which often feels like a lot. An online calorie counter can keep track of a mother’s calorie consumption and nutrients. Additionally, avoiding stress and distractions is not only good for the baby, but also for you, making a good night’s sleep a priority. Lastly, accept help from family and friends to take better care of your baby by taking care of yourself.

Always listen to your body

Being new to motherhood and breastfeeding isn’t easy. If you feel fatigue and soreness with intense pain in one or both of the breasts, you may have mastitis (a breast infection). It can get quite serious with a plugged duct or thrush causing prolonged nipple discomfort or shooting pain.

Pay attention to your baby

A baby whose cheeks are dimpled sucks the breast loudly or makes a clicking noise can indicate a poor latch. It means the baby is straining to get milk: so break her contact with your breast to try again. A successful latch is characterized by the sound of a baby happily eating, where they swallow and exhale, and can be compared to snuffling, grunting, or the ‘k-ah’ sound.

Pump while away with the help of your smartphone

The lovely picture of your baby can trigger the let-down reflex when trying to pump for your child. Other triggers include listening to the recorded sounds of your baby or thinking about nursing.

Work with Gastonia’s best kid’s doctor

Having a hard time breastfeeding? You are not alone. Seeking guidance from Gastonia’s best kid’s doctor can help. Gastonia Pediatric Associates, your Gastonia area pediatricians, offers top-quality pediatric care.