How do head injuries happen?

A kid’s doctor in Gastonia NC can see children for bumps on the head, more than any other injury. Over cautious parents dash to their local clinic in a panic, and think their child has a concussion. Not every bump will lead to concussion, and the number of kids who bump their heads hard and are right as rain are testament to this fact.

Children bum their heads in the fraction of a second. They can fall off chairs, slip and bang themselves on tables, or they can be riding their bike. Even with a helmet, they can still get a concussion, but this still doesn’t mean every fall or bang will lead to one.

What should parents look for before running to their Gastonia NC kid’s doctor?

If parents are, there when their child bumps their head, there are certain things they can keep an eye out for before panicking. Even if the bump appears to be nothing more, it can be concussion but only shows later.

If a child has slurred speech, they are lethargic or have problems with their eyes like blurred vision. It could be signs they have a concussion. Other telltale signs are more common and this includes balance problems, they feel sick, or they have headaches and vomit. If there are any signs of these, then there is a good chance you may need to see your kid’s doctor. This will be more in the case of very young children whose skulls are still soft.

Will a local pediatrician diagnosis the bump?

A kid’s doctor will often ask for a diagnosis of any bump where they are unable to tell the extent of the injury. Once there are symptoms that appear to be a concussion, a children’s doctor won’t want to wait too long before they perform a diagnosis.

A mild concussion can lead to headaches and fatigue. These can last for days after the accident. In this case, they will perform a quick neurological examination. This checks vision, hearing and reflexes among other things. For more serious signs, a kid’s doctor may order a CT scan to be sure there is nothing more serious.

What happens if a child suffers from concussion?

A kid’s doctor will want to keep a very close eye on children who have suffered concussion. Parents will also need to be careful because there are certain things they will need to do. Parents will need to make sure their children do nothing that activates their brain. This can be cell phones and computer games.

Additionally, any sports that involve rolling or tumbling need to be avoided.

A follow up with my pediatric practice in Gastonia NC

If any child has bumped their head and there is concern, they have a concussion. A pediatrician will always ask for a follow up visit to their local pediatric clinic. This can be easily arranged, and any parent who thinks their child may have concussion can contact Gastonia Pediatric Associates.

Gastonia Pediatric Associates is available 24/7 in case of these emergencies; this can safeguard the health of a child and put parents’ concerns at ease.