Do you have a small or large baby?

A kid’s doctor will often be asked during the stages of the pregnancy, whether the coming baby will be large or small. New parents often think this way as it helps determine if babies will be fit and healthy. This, though, doesn’t have a bearing, unless it is at the extremes of the scale.

Babies can be different sizes, yet genetics can play a part in the size when they are born. Carry on reading to see how certain things affect your baby’s size, and how your local Gastonia NC pediatrician will record these measurements.

Will my Gastonia NC kid’s doctor tell if my baby will be large?

There are some things pediatricians look at to get a rough idea of how large a baby will be once the mother gives birth.

Larger babies can be born when parents are large themselves, or the mother is overweight. Other factors that can lead to a larger sized baby being born are:

  • The mother is pregnant longer than forty-two weeks
  • The fetus receives over-stimulation when in the uterus
  • There is drastic weight gain during pregnancy
  • The ethnicity of the mother can have an impact
  • Diabetes in the mother plays a part in the large size of the baby
  • It isn’t the first time the mother has given birth
  • The bay will be a boy

A kid’s doctor, such as the ones from Gastonia Pediatrics, will explain to the new parents about metabolic abnormalities. Calcium and low blood sugar are the two most common. Other areas are:

  • Injuries during childbirth
  • High hemoglobin levels
  • Jaundice
  • Congenital abnormalities

It has been seen that around 30% of larger babies suffer feeding difficulties. Your local pediatrician will monitor all these issues to make sure none arise, and how to care for your baby if they do.

What will a pediatrician do if my baby is small?

Babies can be born on the smaller side for several reasons, such as:

  • Prematurely born
  • Both parents are on the smaller side
  • The ethnicity of the mother
  • The mother has chronic illnesses such as high blood pressure, or possible heart and kidney disease
  • The mother is using drugs while pregnant
  • Malnutrition

A kid’s doctor will spring into action once the baby is born. They may take their temperature, glucose, and hemoglobin levels, and closely monitor these. The pediatrician will observe the newborn and let the parents know when they think the child is in a state to go home.

Monitoring my babies size with my Gastonia NC pediatrician

Once the mother returns home with her child, there will be a continual check on the size and weight of the child in the first few years of growth.

The local kid’s doctor will have growth charts to use as a guide to determine what size and weight a child ought to be at a specific age. If you need to know more about child size, and how your kid’s doctor will monitor this, contact Gastonia Pediatric Associates and you can schedule a quick meeting to learn more about the subject.