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Children’s doctors recommend travel vaccinations

You’ve probably heard the warnings about the need for travel vaccinations if you’re planning to travel abroad, but children’s doctors and others increasingly recommend you get them for yourself and your family if you’re doing traveling within the United States itself. San Diego, a popular tourist destination, has been coping with a hepatitis A outbreak since September — an outbreak which had killed twenty people as of last month. This year, there have been outbreaks of hepatitis A in Arkansas, Indiana, Kentucky and Michigan. One of these was traced to a popular restaurant in the Detroit area. A simple stop for dinner on a cross-country trip can lead to a ruined vacation and a health emergency.

And yet it’s surprising how few people think to get travel vaccinations for themselves or their children, even when going overseas. According to one study, only half of the American adult travelers who needed to take the MMR (measles-mumps-rubella) vaccine did. With summer vacation time coming, now is the time to start preparing by getting your children vaccinated against illnesses like hepatitis A.

Two different types of travel vaccinations

There are three kinds of travel vaccinations. There are routine vaccinations, which are the vaccines that your children’s doctor recommends your children get whether they’re traveling or staying home, but before a vacation is as good an opportunity as any to get them. There are recommended travel vaccinations, which are those the CDC recommends you get if you’re going to a specific country. There are also required travel vaccinations are those that you’re legally required to get before you enter certain countries. The yellow fever vaccine and meningitis vaccine are two examples of these. You’re also going to need the International Certificate of Vaccination, or yellow card, to prove you’ve taken them.

As soon as you know where you’re going, you should start work on your vaccination schedule. At the Traveler Information Center of the CDC Web site, you can find out if you need to take any particular vaccines for a particular country, and which vaccines the CDC recommends. Be sure to plan ahead, because your children’s doctor may not have them available, or may have to give some of them in two to three doses over several months.

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