Children’s doctors on causes of coughing

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Not many parents in Gastonia, NC are lucky enough to raise children to adulthood without at some point having to deal with a persistent cough that may need the assistance of a children’s doctor. It’s hard for child to concentrate on anything else, such as homework, when he or she is coughing. And since coughing is often set off by mucus draining from the nose and sinuses, it’s likely to be at its worst just when the child and everyone else in the house are trying to sleep.

There are a number of illnesses that can lead to coughing, the most common being a cold or the flu. In the case of a cold, the coughing is wetter, more phlegmy and not as bad, but can last for more than two weeks. In cases of influenza, the coughing is drier, harsher and lasts for two weeks or less. In either case, if coughing lasts longer than three weeks, call your children’s doctor.

The croup is an infection in the upper trachea which can also cause coughing. In this case, the cough has more of a barking sound, and is accompanied by a hoarse voice and noisy breathing. It’s more unpleasant than a cold or the flu, but doesn’t usually last more than a couple of days. If your child is immunized against diphtheria and has had flu shots, he or she should be safe from the croup. In the case of pertussis, or whooping cough, listen for a distinct noise when your child inhales.

Children’s doctors on treating a cough

Children’s doctors say that most coughs can be treated with a little TLC. We often forget how dry the air gets indoors in winter, when cold, dry air from outside is brought inside and warmed up. Humidified air can help ease the throat, but a little exposure to the outdoors every now and then can also help. Cold drinks, if they aren’t carbonated or too acrid, may cause relief. Don’t give over-the-counter combination medicines aren’t recommended for children, and don’t give any cough medicines to children under six. If coughing is interfering with your child’s breathing, or if your child coughs so much that he or she turns red or purple, seems very tired or is reporting chest pains, you should take him or her to a children’s doctor.

A children’s doctor in Gastonia, NC

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