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Children’s doctor’s advice on ADHD management

Your children’s doctor can give you a lot of advice on managing children with ADHD this time of year. The curse of the holidays is what happens when you aren’t unwrapping presents or enjoying some magnificent feast — the boredom. No one toy or book can hold a child’s attention indefinitely, and there may come a point where there is nothing to do.

Even for adults, boredom can be worse than physical pain, and children with ADHD have particular trouble coping with boredom. It’s at times like this that normally well-behaved children sometimes stop being so well-behaved.

The simplest solution, of course, would be to schedule activities throughout the day that children in Gastonia, NC can take part in along with the rest of the family — watching movies or playing board games. This gives them something to do while allowing you to keep an eye on them, particularly in their interactions with other children.

Learning to manage boredom as a child

Boredom unfortunately is something everyone needs to learn how to cope with at some point, preferably before they have to start living up to adult standards of behavior. If nothing else, they’ll need to cultivate some form of concentration to get through college.

Children’s doctors recommend that particularly in cases of ADHD, you find ways to give specific rather than general instructions. Your children need to know exactly what you expect them to do and not do. If you’re home with your children, punish hitting or tantrums immediately and quickly rather than withholding dessert later. Save your anger and punishment for real bad behavior instead of carelessness. And don’t forget to reward good behavior and signs of patience — remember, the sort of behavior we all take for granted demands effort on their part.

Suggest things to do that don’t cause trouble, such as reading, listening to music on earphones or drawing pictures. Children need the opportunity to daydream, and they need it now — they won’t get it so often as adults.

In extreme cases of ADHD, of course, you may need to use some form of medication. Only an experienced children’s doctor can tell you if your child needs medication, and what sort would be appropriate.

A children’s doctor in Gastonia, NC

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