Do you have a newborn child and are not sure when you need a dentist?

Children's doctor

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Children’s doctor duties don’t often include anything to do with teeth. However, they will be able to give some early oral hygiene tips so your child’s teeth can begin sprouting and will have the best chance of growing trouble free.

No matter what age your child is, it can be hard to get them to follow a strict cleaning program. Perhaps they will listen to their pediatrician more than their parents? Here are a few tips on how parents can help introduce their children into oral hygiene.

As soon as the first tooth shows in Gastonia NC 

Parents shouldn’t wait until their child has a few teeth before they begin dental cleanliness training. Any children’s doctor will say as soon as the first tooth breaks through is the best time to begin this cleaning regimen.

At this point, it will still be the duty of the parents to do the brushing, but for the first few years, it will enforce the fact that cleaning teeth are crucial for overall healthy teeth and gums.

Gastonia Pediatrics explain a healthy diet

One of the things a children’s doctor will do in the early years is to emphasize the importance of a healthy diet, and the impact not having one will have on their teeth and overall well-being. Here are a few pointers:

Healthy balanced diets are great for children’s young teeth. Rather than eating foods and drinks which are rich in sugars, starches, and carbs, it is better to introduce foods that contain Vitamin A, C and D. This can include nuts, beans, poultry and eggs.

Sugary snacks and drinks should be avoided, and even more so between meals. If your child does have candy as a treat, make sure they understand to clean their teeth afterward.

A child should drink lots of fluids, but not sugary drinks. Water can help them produce saliva which can aid in neutralizing acid in the mouth. Milk is also an excellent way to combat harmful bacteria.

Tooth care should be fun in Gastonia NC

When the time comes, no one is keen on a dental visit. This is even worse in children. A children’s doctor can do all they can to explain how to care for teeth, and it can go a long way to helping if the advice is taken.

If you want to know more about how you can care for your child’s health overall as well as their teeth. Contact Gastonia Pediatric Associates, and they will be able to answer any questions, or you can schedule your child in for a check-up to make sure they are as healthy as expected.