Children’s doctors -Dr. Sarah Grossman- Gastonia PediatricianChildren’s doctors have advice on protecting your children from frostbite

With winter coming, there is the chance that Gastonia, NC will be hit by colder than usual temperatures. If your children play outside or indoor heating is limited, they may be at risk of frostbite. If your children have ever had any trouble with blood circulation, they are more at risk.

Children’s doctors recommend you start by telling your children what to watch out for. Advise them that if any part of their skin hurts from the cold or starts burning, tingling or itching, they should go back inside.

Frostbite happens when skin suffers prolonged, direct exposure to snow, ice or extremely cold air. It can also be a result of lowering temperature causing the body to cut off circulation to the extremities in order to preserve heat around the vital organs. It most often hits the fingers, toes, nose, cheeks and ears. Children with lighter skin will find the affected areas turning first red, then white, yellowish-gray or bluish. Children with darker skin will find the affected areas turning lighter, then turning bluish or gray. If you see this, or if the skin feels a little too firm or rigidto the touch, this may be a sign of frostbite. If you see this, ask if the skin feels numb.

What to do if you find frostbite

If you discover signs that your child is suffering from frostbite, children’s doctors recommend you first, get the child somewhere warm. If there is any possibility of frostbite on the feet, carry him or her inside, getting someone else to help you if necessary. Fill a bucket or tub with warm water — just warm enough to feel comfortable to you. You might feel the impulse to use hot water, or to rub or massage the area, or to use a heating pad, a fireplace or a space heater. Resist this impulse, because it could cause further damage. You can, however, press your own hand against the frostbitten area, or place frostbitten fingers or toes in your armpit. If you think things might be worse, get him or her to a hospital and ask a children’s doctor for advice on long-term treatment.

Frostbite does not cause permanent damage unless it lasts for a long time. Keep your eyes on your children whenever they are outdoors, or make sure they are attended by someone responsible.

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