Are your kids eating healthily?

A kid’s doctor in Gastonia NC will always advocate a varied diet. Your child’s diet starts them on the road to being healthy and happy. We all know that nowadays, life is rather busy and eating well isn’t always easy.

Nevertheless, it’s essential for the health of your family that healthy eating habits become part of your daily routine. Read on to see more about healthy nutrition and dietary requirements.

Why is healthy eating important?

The sooner children adopt healthier eating habits; the easier it is to keep them on track to make healthier, smarter dietary habits.

Naturally, if you’re unsure, your child is receiving the nutrition they need. Alternatively, you have questions or worries about their health; a kid’s doctor can offer valuable advice, education, and guidance.

How to maintain a healthy diet for children in Gastonia NC

Healthy eating is about eating whole, nutrient-dense foods from every major food group. It means a good balance of low-fat protein, low-fat dairy, fruits, and vegetables, as well as whole grains. Changing food options is critical to healthier eating.

A healthy diet is also avoiding processed foods, sugar, trans fats, and vegetable oils. Moderation is the key, as staff at Gastonia Pediatrics will tell you. However, your child is not supposed to drink soda or have baked products every day. Eating a snack now and then won’t hurt them, and you might prevent them from binge eating on unhealthy snacks once they are available.

How a kid’s doctor keeps kids healthy

In addition to eating healthy, regular physical activity for your children is also very beneficial. This can take the form of school sports or community activities.

Children and teens need at least an hour or more of moderate to intense activity every day. Young kids should engage in no less than an hour of physical activity and play every day. Preschoolers should get at least two hours of activity each day.

Naturally, to maintain the energy levels of your child and their body ready for activity, they must eat well. If you have any concerns regarding your child’s diet, or if you have to schedule your yearly physical examination before the sports, time begins. Don’t hesitate to see your kid’s doctor for tests, check-ups, and advice and dietary recommendations.

 Getting the best dietary advice in Gastonia NC

It isn’t as hard as you think to make sure your kids are eating healthily. The first step though is to make sure they have a starting point where your local kid’s doctor can give them an examination. Then they will see how they are progressing on the next visit.

To be sure, your child is in the best of health. Contact Gastonia Pediatric Associates and schedule a meeting with you and your child. This is the best first step you can take to make sure your child starts on the healthiest footing.