What should I do if my child keeps coughing?

A kid’s doctor in Gastonia NC will see many children at this time of year with the onset of colds and flu bugs going around. However, in odd occasions, even with immunization, a child may have something, which is a little more serious.

Some children may have contracted whooping cough, which can appear to be a bad cold in the early stages. This bacterial infection can be contagious and thrives in the throat and nose.

If your child has symptoms of a runny nose, heavily congested and sneezing with a mild cough, or their fever is below 102 F there may be the chance they have whooping cough rather than a cold or the flu.

When should I take my child to the local kid’s doctor in Gastonia NC?

Gastonia Pediatrics recommend parents should be thinking about taking their child to see their kid’s doctor because of the chance of flu. However, if they see the following conditions, the need to visit Gastonia Pediatrics may become more urgent.

Mucus thickens after 7 to 10 days as symptoms persevere. This begins blocking the airways much like the flu, yet worse. A cough can come in prolonged fits, which leads to children vomiting.

Once this happens, parents soon panic and rush children to their kid’s doctor no matter what the time. If they are suffering from the flu, then this can be easily treatable, yet if they are fatigued and their complexion changes to a red or bluish color, then it may be whooping cough.

When children try to suck air in through blocked airways, there is a large whoop, and this does make it differ from a cold or flu for what it may be mistaken.

Gastonia NC kid’s doctor explains differences between flu and whooping cough

Children under 12 months old can face death if this condition is untreated. Once children become older, they are less prone to this as their defenses are much stronger.

Parents may find that their children can show the same symptoms until they are older and leading into adulthood, yet on most occasions, it will be a bad bout of flu they have contracted.

Here are a handful of the ailment’s patients may suffer if they have whooping cough and not the flu.

  • Blood vessels burst blood with excessive coughing
  • Hernias appear in the abdomen or they can have bruised or cracked ribs from tensing

In very small children, and excessive coughing no matter what the underlying illness may be can lead to the following.

  • Seizures and brain damage
  • Pneumonia, dehydration and severe weight loss due to improper feeding

What will my local Gastonia NC pediatrician do?

Vaccination and immunization are the best approach. Once they determine if your child has a cold, flu or it is whooping cough, they will then know how to continue treatment.

Because of this, there should be regular vaccination and immunization schedules. This covers many more things than the flu, severe colds and whooping cough. While they may not prevent your child contracting any of these, it will drastically reduce the chances of them doing so.

If you are concerned for your child’s health, regardless of them having any of these ailments, it is advisable to contact Gastonia Pediatric Associates to schedule a checkup with your kid’s doctor. Once you have this out of the way, you will be better informed of what to do in the eventuality of seeing any of the above symptoms.